Flash Animation

As of March 2009 I’m sort of new at Adobe Flash. I’ve made a few things before, but nothing really great. Now i’m messing with it again. I’ve decided to post all my animations here no matter how awful i think they might be. Hopefully with each project I finish you can see how I’ve progressed. Newest is on top!

August 10 2009: Working on a game with my brother. Move left and right with the arrow keys and jump with the spacebar. The red box is a place holder for the character im working on. (not finished at all)
August 12 2009: Made the Blob character. Got rid of the “Mario” background.

April 18 2009: A short movie i made.
April 19 2009: Fixed a few things. It’s not finished yet.

March 28 2009: Something new. Move the ship using the arrow keys. More coming soon!
April 12 2009: Updated the ship a bit.

March 25 2009: Just a little preview of what i did today.

March 24 2009
It’s taken me awhile to get this one done. And when I was done I noticed things were drifting apart. Not sure why it’s happening and you can see it in the video below. The arm moves apart and the head covers the neck. I’ve tried to fix it. It’s like the bones stretched or moved.

More coming soon!!

More coming soon!!

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