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Photoshop fun!

Removed myself and other stuff from this pic. It looks like Mickey is standing next to Ash all on his own.

Ash running gif


Happy 2nd birthday Ash!


Happy New Year from Ashton and I!


Minor site update.

Updated 2 of my header pics.

Dexter: Because I’m dumb and just noticed i misspelled my last name.
Clerks 2: It looked too grainy.

Gonna work on updating a few others i know look a bit shitty.

The end of the world?

The End

Update bonanza! Happy holidays you bastards!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy!

 First things last….i know in the summer time i complained about how hot it was in my warehouse. Well now it’s December and it’s fricken freezing! I can’t win.


I did another fast photoshop job using the poster from the movie Idiocracy. Check it out here.


I’ve been looking for a good hooded sweat shirt since i don’t own one. Saw these around the net.

I'm Batman!Bad Religion Suffer


Everytime i turn on the TV i see the commercial for the new Carl’s Jr charbroiled steak sandwich with a really hot blonde. So i went there for lunch with my friend Gun. It’s pretty good. It’s got onion rings and mayo, but it is lacking cheese.


Photoshop fun part 2

I did this one a few years ago. It was around halloween and Shaun of the Dead was just released on DVD. That’s my friend Pat (left) and his brother Kyle (right) along with me (center). I photoshopped our faces over the stars of the movie. Here is how the original looked.

Photoshop fun part 1

I call this “part 1” because i plan on this being an on going series of lame little photoshop pics i do.

While using google image search i saw this pic of chris griffin playing air guitar. During my search i seen it come up a few times before i thought to myself “why hasn’t anyone put a guitar in his hand?” So i took about 5 mins and did this nice piece of work.


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